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Wake up wallflowers: Plant now if you want to pep up borders

Heliotropium arborescens, heliotrope or cherry pie is a bushy or straggly, short-lived shrub. Prepare the container before you start planting.

If you want to get rid of the bulbs, dig them up and discard them. Most tulips have finished flowering. Sweet pea rings are best, but you can use jute string. As well as having gorgeous colours, the flowers carry a delicious perfume reminiscent of vanilla. 

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) – Greek police on the rugged mountainous border with Albania on Monday arrested three Albanian men accused of illegally picking large quantities of medicinal wild herbs – and of violating Greece’s COVID-19 quarantine laws.

Less well-known, Primula obconica is an outstanding winter houseplant.

Best of the bulbs: Summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies…

A vase of flowers, to me, means home. Use single canes or strings set vertically and Romancee anime fix top and bottom along two taut lengths or wire.

I’ve used the esoteric Kevock ( and alpinists Pottertons (pottertons.

That’s even more likely in high-rainfall areas. Action Plan: Nigel Colborn’s essential jobs for your garden… Most will self-sow each year, providing vigorous young plants.  If grown in moist conditions, they often self-sow. Keep pinching out all sideshoots. Why I’m mad for mahonias: They’re evergreen, they smell…

The 66 alien plants and animals set to invade Britain ¿…

The clocks have gone forward, now give… They’re healthy but unlikely to flower. For bulbs and other interesting plants, try Avon Bulbs (  Many, such as bluebells, cranesbills and cowslips are widely offered.

You can also put bulbs in deeply, leaving space for companion plants such as forget-me-nots or violas at the container top.

But the graft has failed and the named variety has perished. If you prefer to keep the bulbs for replanting next autumn, lift them without removing the stems, lay them in a tray somewhere dry and allow the stems to die away. 

From May to November, clusters of deep purple or light mauve flowers appear, carried on curious ram’s horn buds that uncurl as they open.

One is considered critically endangered, two endangered and three vulnerable. Rarer plants are supplied by specialist nurseries. Clusters of primrose-shaped flowers are carried on slender stems. If you’re lucky enough to have a natural bog or stream, the plants will flourish almost unaided.

Select a named variety such as Prolific or the white-flowered Alba. Buy a replacement plant. Allow each plant to grow a single stem, attaching it gently to the supporting string. Some parts of the globes are still opening up for exploration, including Colombia – previously a no-go area because of conflict.

This will prevent the hole becoming clogged with compost, allowing excess water to escape freely.

Flowering continues through spring and you can divide these as you would perennials.

For top-quality flowers on long stems, grow sweet peas as cordons. To thrive, they must be low-growing and rugged as well as beautiful.  But true Alpines, originating from high in the mountains, are extra special.

We know there are many more skeletons in the cupboard of this government,” a senior Congress leader said.  We are going to build up a statewide agitation over the issue.

Afterwards, gently secure the young plant on its support.  

David Brookes, auctioneer at 1818 Auctioneers, said: ‘It is interesting to get an insight into the life of this remarkable woman and a privilege to bring previously unknown items into the public domain.

For something a little bushier, Osmanthus delavayi (right) is a slow-growing evergreen shrub with dark green ovate leaves and highly scented white flowers in spring followed by small blue-black berries.

‘Alpine’ is a catch-all word for almost all compact plants from rocky habitats.

Interesting new hybrids could then appear in more Bountiful blooms: The vivid tones of Primula japonica Miller’s Crimson novel colours.

The new shoots will have grown from the root stock. If you’re not sure, choose one while you can see the plants in bloom. Richard Branson claims he¿ll take his first spaceflight…

“How can the central agency expect cooperation from a government in the probe when the steel and mines minister himself does not have a clean past?

Not surprisingly, many of the discoveries are rare. Colours run through soft blues and mauves through pinks to white.

Your original plant will have been grafted onto a root stock. Dolphins love watching TV too (and males are far more likely… If it has only one drainage hole, spread a layer of slate chippings or bits of broken of terracotta pot over the base. If I’ve been away, the first thing I do when I come home, after dumping my luggage, is to put a bunch of flowers on the kitchen table I think a house without fresh flowers and plants is without a heart.

In containers, planting tulips or narcissi in two or three layers will triple flower numbers.

How far would YOU go to live forever? To plant the wisteria, dig a hole and scatter in a handful of bonemeal fertiliser.

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